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emirates id status check Two methods available, First Process is with New ICA Website Portal and Second Method.

Emirates id status Check in seconds

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Emirates id status checks a process of viewing the current submitted application details. In the United Arab Emirates, it’s an important document. Every person must have their own emirates id. So in this article, all the information is explained about the emirate’s id and emirates id status. However, emirates id fees and their renewal process details are also explained in this article.

Before starting any step or queries about the emirates id status check firstly you have to remember a few points into the mind. First of all, you have all the valid documents and you have must internet connection. Because all the process will be done through internet access.

Emirates id VISA Expiry Status check in Seconds

If you want to check your emirates id expiry status then you can do it with these available steps. However, you can also check your visa expiry also with this process. Let’s start the process to check the emirates id expiry in a few seconds. However, visa validity is also checked by this method.

  •  On Your Mobile Data if you’re using any mobile device otherwise if you’re on laptop or computer mac chrome book etc. Then please be sure that you have internet.
  • Then Open the federal authority official website. If you do not know about the federal authority official website portal Then please visit this direct link ( federal authority ).
  • When you will open the mentioned website portal. you will get this type of new page screen on your current device.
Emirates id expiry status
How to check Emirates id Expiry Status through the online official website portal.

  • Here into the snapshot of the emirates expiry or visa status check. you can see different available options.
  • Simply select the options as per your requirements. If you want to check visa status expiry or emirates id expiry through passport then please select passport information. and fill in all the required data.
  • Passport Expiry date Passport number and Nationality its the important details which you have to provide on an available webpage. and then click to I m not a robot. Now click on Search Button.
  • All the details will be pop up at the front of the screen.

NOTE: By this method, you can check visa status and emirates id expiry Both.

Emirates id Status check-in Seconds

it’s not a difficult thing to check the emirates id status. But if we think this process at that time when we are new comes into the Dubai. Then it’s a hard task for us. Because when every someone comes into the Dubai at that time He or she does not know anything about it. So, Do not worry about this article we will explain all about it. Let’s start the Process to check the emirates id status in Few seconds. You have must follow these steps which is mentioned below here,

If the Website of checking id status shows any error or if your emirates id is not showing any details then please call at this number for customer support 60 052 22 22.

You may also take to read these articles. emirates id status returned for modification Solved  Emirates id status rejected to receive Now Solved

Open the Mobile or Laptop browser or any device browser which is your using now,

  • After that open Google.com. Remember performing these steps you must have United Arab Emirates IP Address. Some people use VPN for online Browsing.
  • If you’re using any VPN first turn off it. And then Search ” Emirates id Status” into Google.com.
  • After Searching mention Keyword into Google. Please click on the First website which is without google ads tags. This means opening the official identity and citizenship Portal.
  • If you’re Facing any trouble reaching the mentioned website. then please click on this direct link of the ICA Official Portal.
  • After Clicking on the ICA official portal you will see this type of homepage screen.
How to check emirates id status step 1
Emirates id status portal guidelines.

after seeing this webpage. Here into the arrow mention box. Write your Emirates id card number. Then Click on Next Arrow Button. you can also see the image snapshot of this step below here.

Step 2 for Emirates id card details written into the box.

When you will click to next arrow button your all details will be pop up at the front of your home screen. You can also see the image snapshot of this step below here.

ica emirates id card details page.

Here you can check your Emirates id application logs.

You can also check this emirates id status through the Application PRAN number. If Do not know where is the emirates id Pran number. Then please see the snapshot of Pran’s number below here.

How to Find Pran Number on emirates id Application
How to check Pran Number on Application Form

its an example of the Application Pran number. Here you can check your Application Pran Number.

Emirates id status check Video Guidelines

If you are facing troubles during checking the id card status. Then do not worry about it. Here into these video guidelines. we perform all the actions live for card status. Simply click to Play the video Guidelines and watch the full video.


It’s the Complete Process of checking Identity card status.

Status emirates id

Status Emirates id shows at that time when you check it. Some people do not know about it that how they can check their status emirates id. because they have no information about it. In this article you can read all the details about the status of emirates id. However, all the available methods are fully explained in the article. This means here in the article different methods are available for status emirates id checking online. These all the methods are simple and easy steps based. Few Ponts is important which you have to remember.

  • Application Number which is also known As Pran Number.
  • Second Your Emirates id Number if you applied for a new emirates id card.
  • Your Valid Documents and any other requirement which asked by the ICA Portal.

These Points you have to Remember in your Mind. This means if you follow these requirements then you can easily check your Status emirates id and also apply for your id card. However Some time due to Language problems people can not understand that which type of requirements is asked by the official website. To this cause, you can apply for your id card through Typing centers in the United Arab Emirates. These typing centers provide you with all the basic services related to the id card. However, you can easily ask any question related to the ICA from them. Because they have all the Requireinformantion by the ICA Porta.

Emirates authority identity

emirates authority identity is one of the official departments which deals with id card services. This department offers all the related services of Emirates id Card. However they have an online website portal. Where you can register your account as like other accounts registration. After that, you can enjoy all the basic and common services through an online portal. This means you can apply for any new services through ICA online Portal. Or you can also submit any request about any new service. It’s the fast method for receiving any new details in the United Arab Emirates. Moreover emirates authority identity also verified department into the United Arab Emirates. UAE entry gov ae also providing the services related to the authority identity.

Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship Portal Services

It’s the Basic core Website Portal of the United Arab Emirates. Where you can check all the official services records and status. This website portal is also called the FAIC website. All the People who deal with visa and emirates id services all receive services from this website portal. Because it provides you with all the details in one click. You can also check the expiry of visa validity also through this website portal. And you can also apply for any new visa details through this website portal.

How to Apply for Emirates id Card First time?

If you’re new to the United Arab Emirates and you want to apply for a new Emirates id card. But you have noted any information about it. That is how to apply for an emirates id card. Then do not worry here in this article content we will explain all about it. However, if you have lost or your emirates id card is stolen then you can also perform this process for new emirates id. Moreover, you can also do the process of id card renewal by this method.

  • Open Google.com and Here search for ICA Smart services.
  • Now click on the First available Result which is ICA official website or visit this direct link ( ICA SMART SERVICES ).
  • After clicking on the ICA website portal you will see a logging page. here make sure that you have selected the individual’s services. Now Enter your Logging Details and click on the login button.

After you will see a new webpage where all the services option is available. here please scroll down the mouse and select the mentioned option as per the image snapshot.

How to Apply emirates id card first time
Emirates id card applies the first-time process method.

After logging to ICA smart Services Dashboard Please scroll Down the mouse and choose the option as per the image snapshot.

  • Step 1 Click on Nationalize and Residency Services.
  • Step 2 A new Drop down list will be open here you have to select the Emirates id services.
  • Step 3 After clicking on the Id Services button. Now Choose that Person on the available list who wants to apply for an emirates id card.
  • Step 4 Fill in all the required information and upload the required documents.
  • Step 5 Pay the available Fees of Emirates id card.

And You Done to Submit Application For Emirates id card. However, during the Entry permit, you have to follow these steps which are mentioned below down here.

  • When someone applied for a visa in the United Arab Emirates. During this Process, the id card of Arab emirates also applied.
  • If you applied for your visa as a new business setup into the united Arab emirates then your emirates id card fees are also included in the visa fees.
  • Normally Business visa Fees start from 2500 to 7000 as per Dubai Currency.

The Process of Emirates id card first time,

  • the first time you have to submit an Application for Entry Permit in UAE

Entry Permit only Issued by the Official Departments of UAE. However, this request was submitted by the Sponsors in UAE. Anyhow these sponsors are business owners or managers who want to hire new employees into the company. Entry Permit is an online Document that is valid for 60 Days. In these 60 days, you have to also complete other requirements which are mentioned below here.  

  • Medical Checkup most important Step.

After Entry Permit issuance first of all you have to complete your medical checkup. it’s the most important step for entry in UAE. without a medical checkup, you can not complete the other steps. So, Contact the visa agent that will tell you where you are from complete your medical checkup in your Country. After this medical checkup, you will receive a Document or pdf file which you have to provide to the UAE official department of entry permit issuance. If you fail the medical checkup then you can not get the entry permit.

  • The application submits for Emirates id.

After Completing the medical checkup you will see other procedures also done faster. Because here you have also given your Figure prints and eyes scanning. these all the details will be saved into the online system. And all the Biometric data you have to give the current medical officers. You can submit your emirates application in any office of federal authority for identity.

  • Visa Confirmation or visa Stamping.

In the end, you have to stamp your visa on the Passport. In Different categories wise it may be different of years validity. However, it’s maybe 3 years or 5 years. In some countries, this visa also has 2 years.

Your Emirates id connects to your visa. This means if your visa is 3 years validity then your id card will be also three years valid.

Emirates id renewal fees with Services charges

emirates id renewal fees or apply for new id card fees both are mentioned in this article. You can check the emirates id renewal fees details below here. All the details about the fees are mentioned year-wise. Howover here in this article area, the amount is also mentioned with the details of each year’s fees. Different centers wise fees details are mentioned in this article.

Year Fees AED Total Details
1 100 170 Id card Fees in Dubai for 1 year.
2 200 270 id card fees in Dubai for 2 years.
3 300 370 id card fees in Dubai for 3 years.
1-3 40 Services Fees for id card.
1-3 150 If you need Urgent.
1-3 30 Printing Fees for id cards.

Emirates id renewal fees Customer Happiness Centers

Customer Happiness Centers Fees also same as to mention up. Here are the total calculated details for each year. You can check the year-wise fees details by ICA customer happiness fees. customers’ happiness centers also explained to you about fees before applying for id card.

1 290
2 390
3 490

Smart Application or E Channel wise Fees

These Fees apply at that time when you’re using the E form or smart application of the ICA official portal. However, these fees must be paid at the time of applying for a new emirates id card. Otherwise, your application is saved as a draft.

1 140
2 240
3 340

Emirates card late fees fines

If your id card is expired and you delay it for the renewal then you will get a fine on it. However, this fine starts with 20 AED to 1000 AED Dubai Currency. So, It’s a high Amount to pay as a fine. This fine starts the expiry of your id card. If you have any query about it. means you can not understand anything. Then please contact the residency and foreigners department. They will help you to solve your queries. Foreign Affairs Department is one of those departments which deals with expiates issues.

Requirements for Emirates id card or Require documents

Here are the all details about the required documents for the id card.

  • First of all, you have valid your own country Passport.
  • Second You must have the Residency document of permit.
  • Recent Photo of your Face which must have 4.5 x 3.5 in CM. This photo background must have a white color.
  • A Valid Medical Report Form Approved by the Mistry of Health UAE.

Emirates id Guide Lines

If you are still Can not Understand the method of checking status emirates id. Then here are some guidelines where you can see all the processes in the video guidelines. All the steps and processes with all the required information can check here. This Tutorial is available in all languages. So, now also not worried about the language problem simple check the video guidelines.

600522222 Help Line for Call Center

600522222 basically is the call center number. which you can use for call helpline into the Dubai. This number is used for different queries in Dubai. you can use this number for asking anything about the emirates id card. However, if you’re facing anything trouble with the id card. Then you can call on this number and ask any questions related to the service. It’s also a new updated number of customer happiness services. This means they are providing all the services related to customer happiness services. If you have any query related to the work vise or any other vise then you can ask it from this helpline centers. they will provide you with all the details related to your query.

FAQ about the Emirates ID Check

How to check the emirates id fees?

You can check emirates id fees into the article details. means into the current article all the fees details are given. However, these fees mention over years. 1 Year to 5 Years fees details are mentioned in the article. you can check and read these details. moreover, all the other related details are also mentioned in the article.

What is emirates id charges?

emirates id charges based on different categories. This means if you have a 1-year id card then it will be 100 Aed. However, with additional fees, you have to pay 170 AED. If your vise is two years then it will be different. You can read the article where all the details are mentioned. All Years vise details mention with emirates id charges.

How i will Connect to emirates id service center?

It’s a common question that how you can connect the emirates id services center. It’s not difficult because you can find its details on google easily. This means if you want to find the office location then simply write the ICA offices. Or search for typing centers. However, Happiness centers also provide you with all the services related to your id card.

How I can check my Emirates ID card status?

In this method, we are talking about how we check the id status. Its card is like a debit card smart card in size. this emirates card is necessary for you in Dubai so. you can not buy anything if you don’t have an emirates card so when you got this card here we tell you how to check emirates ID card status online you can check it in an easy way we tell you to step by step that will help you to check this emirates ID card status. follow the steps,

Step 1:In the first step open your google browser or any browser on your mobile or laptop click on search and (https://www.ica.gov.ae/) you can also click on this site and open it directly.

Step 2:You have to click on the Mention Button Where you can read about the Emirates ID Card Status.

Step  3:Here Simply Write down your Application Number or ID Card Number With all the Correct Numbers. And then Click to Search button. After Clicking on Search Button you will Get the ID Card Status.

How We Can Check emirates id tracking?

emirates id tracking is also a means to check your Emirates id Details. Mostly You are Identity Card Delivery by the Post within 5 to 10 Days at your Home address or company address.

But If you’re still have not Received your emirates id Card. Then you can also Track your id card through the online website portal. Where your Emirates ID Card Status will show up. after Writing your id.

This Process will Tell you about your Card’s Current Status. This means your is in the Printing process or your card is Deliver to your Address or your Card is Still in Verification Process.

To, Know About your ID card Status Simple “Write your Emirates ID Card Number” into the ICA Id Status Box. And click to Submit. All the Details will Be shown up on your Home Screen.

How can I renew my emirates Etisalat id?

Everyone knows that the Emirates ID card is very important. It plays a very important role in the government of Dubai. So you know that if you don’t have an Emirates ID. you can not buy any type of thing and you can not get any other smart card. So it is necessary for you. to take care of the emirates ID card.

You will Renewal your Emirates ID before expires. Ant This will you know the time when you will check your Emirates card ID Status Check through online service.

When your expiry date will be close just 30 days will be left then you need to renew your Emirates ID. You can renewal your emirates ID online.it is too easy to renewal your emirates ID online. So if you want to renewal your emirates ID then follow these simple steps here we tell you how to renewal your Emirates ID online and which things need to renew your Emirates ID.

lost emirates id replacement or Emirates card ID Status?

It is a very big problem for all the people that we can do after losing the emirates id. it is a very big issue that someone stole your emirates ID or you. lost it somewhere so don’t be a worry.

we tell you here what we can do after losing the Emirates ID. here you can see all the steps about losing your emirates so follow the step. Helps you with the card replacement, first of all, go and submit a report according to the law in the Emirates ID authority center.

Here we tell you some things which you can do after losing your emirates ID or someone has stolen it. so follow these steps

  • Go and Deactivate your Emirates ID You can check after this on Emirates ID card Status Check Service.
  • If you want to recovery your Emirates ID at any time then you will take a paper stamp that you will receive when you make your Emirates ID. You will get your ID by the reference of your proof that you lose your ID.So when you apply for this the on official website the Emirates Ask you to give them
  • The real passport and its expiry date
  • Real family book or card
How long does Emirates ID take to process with aslo Emirates ID card Status Process time?

which steps I tell you are some important steps. That you will be known after applying for the recovery of your Emirates ID

  • 1. After losing your emirates. you will go  Emirates Authority center to recover your emirates ID.
  • 2. Handover the ID number with Stamp certificate with is approved from the authority center
  • When you have done All the processes. you will fill All the details application through to the website which is given on the site https://www.ica.gov.ae/
  • Now, in the end, you will pay the payment which is almost 300 Dirham.

These are the steps that are used for losing an emirates ID you can recover your ID card. You can get more details after using its official website so you can get more. these all are simple steps if you follow all the steps you will get your new Emirates ID. All the info about the Emirates ID card Status Checks you can read from here. If you have any queries then please comment on us.

What are the Emirates ID card Status card characteristic And Features?

After Emirates id call center  Topic you have to also know about UAE id card characteristics has components that are discussed below, you have any query then you can use the Emirates id call center.

1. UAE Smart ID Card.
2. UAE public infrastructure (Digital certificates).
3. UAE biometric fingerprints.

1. UAE Smart ID card Details and Info,

It is a card that is different from the UAE’s simple ID card. IT is a smart card in which a registered person to enjoy all the e-services required by the government of UAE. With the smart card, you can also make a smart pass. This is an application in which you can enjoy all internet services in the UAE through your phones. For More Info, you can choose the Emirates id call center.

2. UAE Public infrastructure Arab Emirates (Digital certificates)

This is a system in which you can create make space and distribute the digital certificate which is used in the public key. it is a secure transfer of information for sending mail and application like e-commerce and inter-banking. for asking any question You can choose the Emirates id call center.

3. UAE biometric fingerprints Details Emirates Card.

This is a system in which a person scans his/her fingerprints for authentication and verification of his/her id card.
In the UAE, the POS developer has discovered a good quality fingerprint scanner that has a good sensor. this sensor has a scratch-free optical sensor,  in which you can easily give your biometric verification. About this subject, you can also select the Emirates id call center.

What are Emirates Id Identification Number And Its Key Points?

UAE ID cards or smart cards are known by their identification number. when you take id card you have given an identification number. This number contains 15 digits that are stuck with its holder forever. By this number, you will get benefits from all the governmental and non-governmental services used in the UAE. also, you can use some private companies’ services by this identification number. Also here you can dial any channel about the Emirates id call center.

UAE id card electronic chip With Current Emirates Card,

UAE id cards consist of electronic chips. in this chip, your personal information is saved. the UAE id cardholder verifies his/her personal information in the electronic chip. this electronic chip can save up to 3200 words. UAE government gives a five-year life span to the electronic chip. when you change your personal information in the chip, the system saved your old information in the chip. this is a benefit of the electronic chip for id cardholders in the UAE. For more Gathering of any info please select any channel Emirates id call center.

UAE cards other technologies With Fully Features,

The UAE identity card has the state of technology in the field of smart cards. this technology has accurate digits and letters, ultraviolet, and drawing in the file of lines. the id card technology has 9 more characteristics that are used in their correction of card features. these characteristics make standard cards pf the UAE banks’ debit and business cards. Here also you can go to the Emirates id call center.

UAE ID card properties And More Services Connected Info,

The properties of the UAE identity card are a smart card public infrastructures and biometric verification of fingerprints through a high-quality sensor. In UAE id card properties you can see all the detail of your personal information through a chip that is inserted into the smart card. you can see all the personal data on the chip. Id cardholder takes within everywhere in the UAE.best way is to ask a question about this please go for the Emirates id call center.

UAE id Fees & charges About all the Processes,

when you apply for an ID card in the UAE, the authorized typing centers give you a form, you have to fill your form and send it to the federal authority for further process. MOre you have to see online forms available in the federal authority and citizenship. this authority sends you an SMS to complete your process. the fee for the new id card in the UAE is 100 UAE Dirham for the first time entering the UAE.

you can pay this fee to the federal authority and citizenship office. It will tsk e 15 days for a new id card. if you want to renew your id card then you have to pay 300 Dirhams. if you want to take an identity card urgently you have to pay 50 dirhams more in the office of federal authority.

What is the Process of Emirates ID?

when you are about 18 years old and also you are a foreigner. you want to enter the UAE, then you have to apply for a new id card. the process of getting a new id card is discussed below.

UAE authorized typing center has uploaded a form of the new applicants on their website of federal authority for identity and citizenship (FAIC). you have to fill this form with all the documents required in the form. FAIC center will send an SMS to your phone number then you can proceed with your process. documents required in the form are given below. For any more details, you can directly ask from the Emirates id call center.

  • 1. a valid passport.
  • 2. family book.
  • 3. resident certificate and permit.
  • 4, original birth certificate.
  • 5. personal photo with white background.
  • 6. passport and vise of the sponsor of the applicant.

With these documents, you can get your id card in 15 days. The center of FAIC gives offers to newborn babies and foreign prospective residents reached in the UAE. Other Wise you can also Choose the Emirates id call center for any other Requirements asking if you have any topic in your mind.

If You need Your ID card urgently then you have to pay 50 dirhams more. then you will get your new identity card within 24 hours. The urgent service provides your id card in 24 hours. this service is called FAWRI. FAWRI gives you an urgent id card in the UAE.

This service is available for all groups working in the UAE and residents of the UAE. This service is used for first-time registration. renewal of expired cards. for the lost card.

Where we can use the Emirates ID card?

Emirates ID Used Commonly in the Arab Emirates Because of its the Identity of your Self. So you can use this card anywhere, For Example,

  • You can Buy Your Phone Sims By This ID Card.
  • You can also Apply for Loans and Banking Services for this ID Card,
  • Moreover, Your Health or Hospital services are also Connected with Your Emirates ID.
  • All the Government of Arab Emirates Services you can Avail with Your Identity card.
  • Traffic Fines and Traffic reports are also checked by this ID card.
How can I know my mobile number in Emirates ID?

Simply you can Check You are Mobile Number Through Your Profile, log in You are Details in the Portal. And check the User Details or Personal Setting. Here You can See or Check You are Mobile Number. Moreover, You can also Check You are Mobile Number Through the Forget You are Password Process. When You are Going to Login you are Details. Now here Click to forget Password. And  A Code will be sent to you are Register Mobile number. And it’s the Number which is Register on you are Emirates id.

Is Emirates ID valid after visa cancellation?

Emirates Id and visa both are the same time limit of Validity. It means when you are Emirates Id is expired its means your visa is also Expired. Moreover, if you are visa is Expired its means you are Id is also expired. So, you can Check you are Emirates ID Status in this way. Which is mentioned in this article.

How do I know when my Emirates ID is ready?

It’s not any harder problem than knowing about your id is ready or not. Because you can check this status in different ways. First of all when id status is fully active. This means when your emirates id is ready to deliver to your home address. You receive a confirmation Massage from ICA. However, you can also check the current status of your emirates id with the given information in this article.

How can I download Emirates ID online?

You can Download all the emirates id details through ICA official website portal. Where all the emirates id information is given.

Can we trace Emirates ID?

Yes, why not. it’s also simple you have to only search your id status. which means your emirates id details will be at the front of your screen.

How can I track my Emirates ID in post office?

Firstly you have to check the status of your emirates id. Then you can track it at the post office. You can check Emirates id delivery status through emirates post.

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