check visa status in uae

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check visa status in UAE is now a day famous online Search query into the United Arab Emirates. Because in this way you can view your visa details and related other options. When every some come to Dubai it’s the first step that he or she must have the UAE vise. It’s a type of Approved to enter limited days into United Arab Emirates Country. We all know that whenever someone talks About the united Arab emirates we think about Dubai. But all the other state also comes into the United Arab emirates. So, Today we are showing you the process of Checking the visa status in the UAE.

check visa status in UAE with One Click

Visa status in Uae means checking the validity of your days remaining in the United Arab emirates. most people do not know about it. because these details are informed by your sponsor or any company. This means to say if your working into any Company then its company’s task that they will inform you about your visa details. however, you can also check visa status in Uae individuals. You do have not to worry about any type of documents require. Because you have to only put a few details for visa details checking. Let’s start,

check visa status in UAE ica

ICA is an online website portal of the United Arab Emirates government. Where you can find different services details. Most of the common service on the ICA portal is the emirates id application and its status details. However, you can also use this portal for visa validity in UAE.

NOTE: Image Guide Lines is also mentioned below Here. How to Select the Page options and details.

  • First of All, you have to Go this website  ( ). When you will click on this link a new page will show up. where you have to give the required details as per the website portal. You can also see the snapshot of this step.
    • Here you can see the first tab where is two options available first is file number and the second is passport information.
    • The file number comes on your resident visa copy and it’s based on three parts. You can also note from there to check your visa validity.
  • We will Suggest you Please Select the passport information Box Option.
  • After clicking on the passport information option now move to the second type here you have to click on the visa.
  • Now. Please move to the next Tab. Where You have to fill in these details,
    • Passport Number. Its First Tab option here you have to Write your own passport Number.
    • After it, Write your passport Expiry date into this Box.
    • Select your Country’s nationality. This means if You’re From Pakistan then select Pakistan if you are Indian. then Select India. Remember here Select that country where you form.
  • Now Solve the Captcha and then click to search Button. All the vise details will show up. Here you can also see the snapshot of all the detail.
check visa status in uae
check visa status in uae

check visa status uae passport number

You can also check your visa status through your passport number. because in this way you can view all the details with one click. However, another way of viewing details of visa is File number. Which is a little bit confusing. So, you can use the Passport number for viewing your visa validity. it’s not any header way to search online visa details. We have already explained all the information about it in the article. you can read the given info about it. however, this method is the shortest and easy method for all of those people who do not have enough skill to use online Portals. ICA portal routine many unique services. These all the services are used by the UAE government and Public.

So, When someone uses the ICA portal it’s common to that think to use the ICA portal you Must have the Logging details or account on the ICA portal. But it’s not correct many of the services you can directly use. This means you can view these services details without logging and without any account require details. However other methods are available to check these details online. But this method is the easiest method. Anyone can check visa status this way. One of the best things about this method is you can check the status of your visa in your own country. This means some websites do not give you access to that time when you are in a different country.

check visa status uae gdrfa With One Click

Check Visa status uae gdrfa website portal means to view the details visa on General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Website portal. In this article area, we are going to show you the short way of check visa status on the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. Gdrfa is also an online website portal in the United Arab Emirates which provides you with different online services. These services are used fully for those people who want to come into Dubai or the United Arab Emirates in other states. So, Here is the Complete Process with image guidelines. Please read all the details carefully and don’t ignore any details which are required by the website portal of Gdrfa. Because if you ignore any details or provide the wrong details then you can not get the visa status details on your screen.

Visa Status UAE Gdrafa Website Portal

It’s an easy way and short method to check the validity of visa status on Gdrafa website Portal. if you find any type of error then you can choose the first method which is explained above the article. However, both methods provide you with the same details about your visa.

  • Open the internet browser and Go to the ( ) Website portal. When you click on the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs website you will get the main page of visa inquiry. Where you have to provide required details which are,
    • Into the First Tab, you have to receive two clickable options. First Entry Permit and Second Residency. Select any of them you suit best.
  • After that, you have to Give the visa number into the first requirement tab. This visa number you can find on the Printed visa copy.
  • Now into the Second Requirement tab write your First Name as per Passport.
  • Select Your Country which means you have to select your Nationality here.
  • Now second last tab is to write your date of birth. which is also mentioned on your CNIC. So, write as per documents printed Date of Birth.
  • in the last You have to click on I am not a Robot box. And then click to Submit button.
  • When you will click on Submit button. All the details will be pop up at the front of your screen.

check visa cancellation status in uae

if you are here to check visa cancellation status in UAE. Then it’s also a simple and easy method. in this way, you can check your visa cancellation status and also know that how many days are left for a stay in the United Arab emirates. You can view these details with available both methods. When someone checked for the visa validity status or visa status. At that time you can also see the cancellation status shows. If you have submitted a request for cancellation then you can easily check it by these two available methods. However, there is also a way to check these details step by step.

NOTE: The method which is explained at the beginning of this article is also used to check visa cancellation status.

  • First Go to the ICA Smart Services Website Portal. you can easily open this website by searching in Google.
  • After Opening the website portal here you have to choose the Public Services.
  • Now, When you will Open the Public Service here you have to Scroll Down the Mouse and select the File validity option.
  • Now you have to Fill in all the information details on the file validity page and click on the Search button. All the details now you can read about your visa.