du emirates id update

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All the details about du emirates id update you can read here. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has introduced a new policy whereby you must renew the registration of all your du mobile numbers by updating your personal data according to the latest and valid information received according to your identity document.

This procedure requires updating your personal data according to the original and valid document information to prove your identity and identify the mobile phone numbers (SIM cards) registered in your name and which you wish to re-register in your name.
The service will be disconnected from the numbers that you do not want to be re-registered and removed from your personal file. Renewal of registration of mobile phone accounts is mandatory and failure to comply with this order will result in disconnection of service from unregistered mobile numbers.

Du emirates id update require Documents

du emirates id update
du emirates id update

If you wish to renew your registration for a mobile line, you must submit one of the following documents:

  • Citizens of the United Arab Emirates, an original valid Emirates ID.
  • Citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries: A valid original Emirates ID card or a valid GCC ID card or a valid passport belonging to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.
  • Residents of the United Arab Emirates, an original valid Emirates ID
    People of determination – the original valid Emirates ID People of determination card
    Government / commercial sector – government decree or valid establishment card (for government sector).
  • A valid establishment card (for the commercial sector)- The original valid Emirates ID card and passport with residence visa for the authorized person (for government and commercial sectors)
  • Nationals of the United Arab Emirates (who are outside the country) – the original valid Emirates ID card.Nationals of the United Arab Emirates (outside the country for treatment or on official assignments) – an original valid passport (in the event that the ID expires).
  • A recent medical report to prove the case or an official letter from the embassy
    Please send all the required documents via e-mail to [email protected]
  • Lawsuits / Labor Claims Holders – An official document from the court proving the continuity of the case and that personal identification documents are withheld (valid for 60 days from the date of issue) A copy of the Emirates ID card.
  • A copy of the passport and residence visa Please visit any of our branches to check all the documents submitted.

Checking and maintaining the data of the valid identity document

Registered mobile phone numbers will remain valid throughout the identity card’s validity period. You must renew the registration of mobile phone numbers again once the ID card expires. If you do not renew the registration of your mobile phone numbers after the ID expires, these numbers will be suspended and the service will be cut off. An automatic notification will also be sent via the text message service to remind you to update your ID card information.

Customer care.

Keep in contact with us. We will try our best to help you. You may experience longer than usual wait times in our call centers now. Please use our online services,

  • Within the United Arab Emirates: 155 or 800 155.
  • Outside the United Arab Emirates: +971 5 55678155.
  • Try our visual answering system *177#.

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