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All the Details about the emirates id card lost here Or Request to issue a new card in the event of the card being lost or damaged, as the cardholder is responsible for informing the Authority about the loss or theft of the ID card, as he must proceed to the nearest registration center and report the loss, damage or theft of his card to cancel its accreditation and issue a stamped identity number certificate for its use During the request to issue a new identity card.

There are two channels through which an application can be submitted to issue a replacement card for a lost/damaged one: 1) the approved printing offices or 2) the website of the authority. After that, you must go to the Authority’s registration center to complete the transaction. You will be informed of the date and location of the registration date and location via an SMS.
We spare no effort to print an ID card containing your correct personal and vital data and issue it as soon as possible.

1- Reviewing the authority and reporting the incident

Visit the nearest Customer Happiness Center of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship to report the incident, and request a new card bearing the same fixed identity number. The authority will suspend the validity of the old lost card and issue you a stamped certificate bearing the ID number. Everyone must also bring the original ID card to be replaced for damaged replacement transactions.

When reporting the incident, make sure to bring the necessary documents to prove your identity. Citizens must present an original passport and family book.
Nationals of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries must provide proof of their residency in the UAE.
Expatriate residents must bring their original passport, along with an original valid residence visa.
In the event that the lost or damaged card is for a child under the age of 15, the parent must bring the child’s birth certificate, along with a colored personal photo with a white background.

2. Channels to submit a request

After reporting the incident, you can apply for a replacement for lost/damaged through customer happiness centers and approved printing offices, or through the electronic form on the website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, or through the ICA UAE application available on the Tunes and Google platforms. Play. You can also Read (Renew the Emirates ID card)

  • Visit the service delivery sites, and the procedures are as follows:
  • Go personally to the nearest registration center.
  • Provide valid proof of identity to verify your identity.
  • The customer service representative at the Emirates Identity Authority issues a certificate stamped with the ID card number (this service is completed immediately) to be used when requesting to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged ID card.
  • Request for Replacement for Lost / Damaged Procedures:
  • Fill out the application form or electronically via the authority’s website in person at one of the approved printing offices.

3. Pay the fees

The customer must pay 300 dirhams when the card is lost or damaged, in addition to the application fee of 70 dirhams if submitted through the printing offices, or 40 dirhams if it is submitted online through the electronic form on the authority’s website.

In the event of an immediate service request, an amount of AED 150 will be added, and the card is obtained from the Authority’s main customer happiness centers.

The documents required to enter the service

Citizens of the state or citizens of the GCC countries: The following documents must be submitted to complete the transaction:

  • A complete application form (the form is available on our website and at any accredited printing office).
  • The original passport
  • The original record abstract.
  • Proof of residency in the country (valid work certificate – rental or real estate ownership.
  • contract – commercial license – school registration certificate – dependency certificate – valid marriage contract – work card).
  • The identity number confirmation certificate issued by the Emirates Identity Authority, stamped by the center.

For children under 15 years old:

  • It is not required to visit the registration center, as it is sufficient to submit a color passport size (4.5 x 3.5 cm) with a white background.
    No vital data is required.
  • For newborns, a scanned copy of the birth certificate is required, in addition to the documents required above, and the parents are also required to present their valid ID cards.
  • Elderly people over the age of 70 years, beneficiaries of social assistance, or those with other needs:
  • The elderly are exempt from the fees for additional services related to the ID card, such as mobile car fees and express service.
    For customers with special needs, they are exempt from ID card fees and additional services fees to the card.
  • For customers with special needs, they are exempt from the ID card fees and the additional services fees for the card.
  • For customers with special needs, it is required to present a copy of the document proving the intentional disability from their treating physicians.

Duration of service completion

After completing all the registration requirements, you will receive an ID card within ten days from the date of the request
additional information
In the event that your stolen or lost card is found, a customer service representative at the Emirates Identity Authority will contact you by phone.

4- Receive the ID card

The replacement card is for the same validity period as the remaining validity of the replaced card.
The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship informs the customer of application developments through short text messages and the expected date of receipt. Usually, a replacement for a lost or damaged one is issued within 48 hours of submitting the application, and within 24 hours for customers applying for immediate service. After receiving a text message from the authority that the card is ready, the customer must contact Emirates Post to collect the card from the post office.
For more inquiries about the service, contact the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship at 6005 30003.
Service benefits
Enabling the customer to update the identity data and maintain its validity, and then maximize the desired benefit from it Enhance identity security Easy access to the personal data in the ID card.

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