Emirates id status check Through online website portal of Official United Arab Emirates government. Today into this Article Post we are going to share all the details about it. How you can check your Emirates id status in United Arab Emirates? And all the other Related queries details you can read into this article. 

When Ever You will check about the emirates id status. Its must important that you have the United Arab emirates internet Connection. Because The Official website of portals does not work into other Country location internet. So, You Must Have the Dubai Location internet Access. Now Lets Start the Check Emirates id status Validity.


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Emirates id Status Check Now With Available Steps.

Emirates id status check With few available steps details you will read into this available article area. Into this Article selection we will explain all about the emirates id status check.

Into the United Arab Emirates its the firstly process that you must have the valid Emirates id card. Because all the Govt and Private services you can only avail at that time when you have the Valid Emirates id card.

Lets Start the Process to Check the Emirates id status into the united Arab Emirates.


Emirates id Status check With Official UAE Portal

You can check Emirates id status with different available methods into the UAE. All the methods are simple and easy. However some methods needs Account registration on their Platforms. However some methods does not required this type of account registration. So, into this article you will read all the methods.

Requirements to Check Emirates id Status through Official Portal UAE.

You have to need these things for check emirates id status in United Arab Emirates.

  • 1-Emirates id Card Number.
  • 2-Internet Access. Do not use any VPN or any other software which change your current location.

Because UAE Mostly Portals You can access that time when you have the united Arab emirates location internet.

Method To Check the Emirates id Status.

Emirates id status check is not any harder process through online. its easy and simple few step based process. You must have only information about how to use internet and browser of current mobile. Lets start the process to check emirates id status into the united Arab emirates.

  • 1- First of All You have to go ICA Portal. You can open this portal through easy find on google. Its easy. Open your Android or ISO Cell Phone Browser. However if you using Mac or Computer laptop then you can also go to internet browser. Type Google.com and after that search for ica.gov.ae/en/  portal or emirates id status check. You can also open this portal through this given link. https://ica.gov.ae/en/
  • After Clicking on given ICA.GOV.AE/eng Portal You will receive this type of Home screen at the current device.

How to check emirates id status step 1

  • Its the Snapshot of current ICA Portal. You can clearly see where the red arrow is pointed. Here you have to Write your Identification number which is also means emirates id card number. So, Type here Your identity card number like this,


  • Make Sure You have Written Fully your Emirates id card number. Moreover, You can also write your Pran number into this box. If you have that number. Otherwise simply write down your emirates id card number and then click to Next arrow button.

Moreover if you have not any idea to find the PRAN number. Then do not worry about it. If you have your Emirates id application forum then you can check your pran number on application forum. This number is mention on the top page of application forum. You can also see the snapshot of this pran number. Where the Pran number is mention on Application forum.

How to Find Pran Number on emirates id Application


  • When You will Click to This next arrow button. you will receive this type of home screen of current website. Here you can check all the details about the emirates id card. 
  • The Application History Log Shows the Current status of your Application.

On This Pop Up Window you can read all the details about your Emirates id card.

This is the method For Emirates id status check. IF you have any issue about any query then you can contact us through admin@emiratesidstatuscheck.com. We are 24 Hours available for your Help. Just send us your Query we will give you response as soon as possible.

Emirates id status check with calling on Helpline.

You can also check the emirates id check with Phone Help line Number. Its means you have to only Dial Customer Support Help line number. After that you can ask about your emirates id status. If you Does not know about the Helpline number. Then its the Number where you have to call. 

60 052 22 22

Simply dial this number on your cell phone. Select Language which you can easily Understand. After that Select the Option for help customer support agent. After that you can ask any details about your id card.

Make sure that you have enough balance. Because some times due to low balance the help support call automatic discounted. So, Always Remember when ever you will call to help line number you must have the Balance into your cell phone.

Emirates id Visa Expiry Status Check Through This website Portal.

We all know that you will get the emirates id card that time when you have the valid visa into the United Arab Emirates. And its also common that visa Validity date and emirates id status validity date both always be same. So, When your visa expired at the same time your identity card also be expired. Identity card also means to emirates id card.

Lets Start the Process To verify or check the details about the emirates id visa status. Its to easy and few steps based process. You have to just follows these available steps which is mention below here.

  • You have to Click this link which is mention into this step. Its the Official website portal of UAE. Where you can check different types of services details on One Click. So, Just go to this website address ( federal authority ).
  •  When You will Open the given website address you will see this type of website page which is mention below here.

Emirates id expiry status How to check Emirates id Expiry Status through the online official website portal.

  • If you Focus  the available image snapshot. You will see that different types of text boxes is available on screen.
  • These all the text boxes are require different types of information according to your self. So, Here you have to write the require information. So, Read all the tabs carefully and write the available information into the texts boxes.

The Whole Page require the basic details about your Passport and you have to provide all the information according to your passport like this, 

First Option is Selection Tab. Where you have to select How you want to check your visa Status through Passport or Application Number. I will Suggest you to Select the Passport information Option.

1. Search By

Here You have to Select The Passport Information Option. However if You have the application Number then You can also select this one also.

2.Search Type

Please Select the Visa into the available Options. Normally two Options is available visa and Residency.  If You want to check the Residency Information then select this one.

3.File Type

Now, Into this available tab you have to select the any option which is best for you. After that simply write the details Like, Your Emirates id number Date of Birth and nationality.

4. Security Tab

Here you have to prof that your Human. Means not any Automatic software which is using current website. So, Click to I am not a robot and choose the mention images. After that click to search button.

When You will click to search Button. Your Visa details will be appear at the front of your Home screen. However if you can also check your visa other related details also. On this page.

On This Page you can check your entire Visa Details. Visa Expiry and visa type and all the other related details. Moreover if your visa validity is after 1 years latter. Then your emirates id card is also expiry after 1 year. Means your visa and emirates id card both will be same validity date.

How to get Emirates id card into the United Arab Emirates?

Its common that emirates id always applied during your visa procedure of UAE with visa application. People who applied visa with the taking help of Business consultancy companies, These Companies also Include the Emirates id expense as well into the visa application Cost. United Arab Emirates provide different types of visa to all businesses Companies.

Its Normally that Visa cost depend on emirates and official authority from where its going for setup new business. A normally range of visa cost starts from 2500 AED to 8000 AED.

All the Companies and individuals who are going for applying emirates id card pass these available steps into the united Arab emirates. After that they will get the emirates id card.

1-Application for entry Permit in United Arab Emirates

This Entry permit issued by the United Arab Emirates base step company. Its means If your going to setup new business into the united Arab emirates the entry permit will be issued by that company which is already working into the united Arab emirates. Same as for individuals also receive entry permit that time when some one UAE base company or business issued to Her or him.

Entry Permit is also residence visa which is based on electronic document and its issued for any visa applicant.  However its also common that entry permit is only valid for 60 days. Means that you can travel into the United Arab emirates into 60 days. If you does not travel into these available days then you entry permit will be cancelled by the Official departments of United Arab Emirates. In these available Days you have to also apply for Emirates id and also do your medical checkup. When you complete these two task after that your resident visa stamped on your available Passport.

  1. Medical Checkup For Emirates id

After the Entry Permit issue the medical checkup is mandatory. If you do not compete this requirement then you will never enter into the united Arab emirates. You can Exam your medical into any Medicine center.  However some common tests are include into this medical checkup like as Hep B, AIDS , Tuberculosis ETC. If your all the test are good and you have not any medical problem then you can go a head for next step which is visa.

Incase if you have medical problem or any suspected diseases find into your medical report then you have to do extra tests by the requirement of ICA. However if your any suspected diseases confirmed then your visa will not be confirmed. Because it’s the rules by the UAE Government. And you will not get the visa from UAE.

3- Application Submission for Emirates id

Application Process will be taken into the any office of FAIC Office ( Federal Authority for Identity And Citizenship UAE).

Mostly FAIC Office are located near by the Medicine Centers Because of Faster Process for emirates id application. So, During Submission of Emirates id card application your fingerprint and Eyes scan will be take by current Department. Your Biometric Data will be Recorded into the Current Department Data Storage  at the time of Renewal emirates id card you have not pass again these available steps. So, First time you have to complete all these available steps for your emirates Id card.

4-UAE visa stamping

It’s the last step for uae residency which is visa stamping into the passport. Mostly vises are valid for 3 years. Which means your emirates id card also will be expired after 3 years. In Some free zone areas you will get only 2 years visa if you are the employee of any company.

Your Emirates id card expiry is same as your visa expiry both are linked. So, if your visa is going to expired then you have also notice into that your id card is also going to expired.

Cost of New Emirates id?

1 Year Cost Of Emirates id

1 Year Validity Of Emirates id card Fees is 170 AED. After One Year You have to Submit Renewal Application for Emirates id card.

2 Year Cost Of Emirates id

2 Year Validity of emirates id card fees is 270. This Emirates id card valid for 2 years after issue by the ICA Department.

3 Year Cost Of Emirates id

The cost of 3 Years Validity Emirates id card is 370 AED. This type of emirates id valid for Three years.

Note Down These Points:

When Your Applying For Emirates id card make sure that your visa and emirates id card validity is same.

However its takes 6 to 12 days to receive the emirates id card on your given address. This process start after your visa stamp on Passport. You will also receive the sms about update of your emirates id card. Means that when ever your emirates id card pass any step you will inform by the sms on register phone number.

UAE Pass Application Account Registration for Emirates id Renew

Normally Most of the people ask about the emirates id applying process however they does not know that which mobile number is register on pervious emirates id card.  These types of People also does not know about the login of ICA Portal Process. So, today into this article we are going to Explain all about it. Lets start,

1-First of All you have to Go play store or ISO Web Store where you have to Find the UAE Pass Application.

How to Apply For Emirates id card
Uae Pass applicaiton helps to apply for emirates id online

2-After that Please install UAE Pass application. If you install this one application you can find all the ICA application into it. You can easily login all the other ICA application via this UAE Pass Application. Means all that application which accept uae pass application login details. You can easily use Ministry of MOR and MOL Services also you can find into it. all the other application with this UAE Pass username and Password.

3-After the Installing complete the UAE Pass Application. Now Please Click to Open the Installed Application into your mobile phone. After opening the Application you will get First page of your UAE pass Application Where you will get Two Available Options. These two Options are about to Choose your Preferred Language English and Arabic. Please Choose your Language which you can Easily Understand. After that Click to Create account option into the available application.

How to Apply For Emirates id card Step 1
How to Apply For Emirates id card Step 1
Into this available Snapshot of image you can easily see that where you have to press. After Pressing this Red Highlighted option. You will get a new page where you have to write any information related to available mention required.
4- Email, Phone Number , or Emirates id Number any of them you can write one thing into the available Box.
How to Apply For Emirates id card Step 2
How to Apply For Emirates id card Step 2

As the Requirement we write the email address into the available requirement box.

5-After Clicking on the next button a OPT code will be send on your Mobile number. which you have to write into the available space into the application. Snapshot of this step is mention down here.

How to Apply For Emirates id card Step 3
How to Apply For Emirates id card Step 3

5-After that Verify your Email address. Now after the creating account on UAE Pass Application. Now you have to Approve your Account through uploading your documents.

The UAE Pass Require these documents.

  • Passport Size Color Image.
  • Passport First Page where Your Picture and other Details is mention. This Page Image you have to need for Upload.
  • 2nd Page of Your Passport Page where your Signature is Mentioned. 
  • For the Indians People the have First and last page of Passport page image for Upload.
  • UAE Permission Permit Scan image or Visa Scan Image also needed for UAE pass application account Approve.
  • Old Emirates id card copy also you have to need for ICA application account Approve.

Emirates id Renew Through ICA Smart Application

You can easily Apply for Emirates id Card through ICA Smart Application. Its the Official ICA application where you can find all the other related services also.

NOTE: If You Does not have the ICA Application User name and Password Or If Your Unable to Create account on ICA Application. Then Please Read the Process of UAE Pass Registration Process into this article. After that you can Login ICA Smart Application with UAE Pass Account Details.

 Lest Start the Process to Apply the Emirates id card through ICA Smart Application.

  • First Of All You have to Install the ICA Smart Application. You can easily find it into the play store and ISO Store. 
How to Apply For Emirates id card Step 4
How to Apply For Emirates id card Step 4
  • Its the Snapshot of ICA Smart Application into the Play store you have to Install this one Application into your current mobile phone.
  • After the Installing Complete into the current device now please click to Open ICA smart Application into your Cell Phone.
  • When you will open ICA Smart Application into Cell Phone. here you have to Click on Sing with UAE Pass. This step snapshot is also mention down here.
How to Apply For Emirates id card Step 5
How to Apply For Emirates id card Step 5
  • Here you can easily read the Sing in with UAE pass option. Please click to this one button. After that verify your Identity and login into the UAE Smart ICA Application. 
  • Now Please Go to Pro Active Services and Click to Renew Emirates id Services. Here Snapshot of this step is mention down here.
How to Apply For Emirates id card Step 6
How to Apply For Emirates id card Step 6
  • After Clicking on Renew Emirates id services you will get to new page where you have to fill other details according to your emirates id card.
  • Please Choose nearest post for emirates id card delivery.

This is the Process of Emirates id card apply or Renew.

Why Need To Emirates id Status Check in United Arab Emirates

Emirates id status check is 2 steps based process. In which we can know about the current details of submitted application about emirates id. However some times its also check for our identity card validity or for any other purpose.

After Covid 19 As the Estimated 24 Lac People visited to United Arab Emirates after opening the visa services worldwide . These all the people does not comes for holidays or shopping most of the people comes for work job and businesses.

We all Know that United Arab Emirates is Most Highly income Generating Country for Common person.

United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia Both two countries are most famous in Asia for Future Business and Future income. Every Middle class and Lower class Person visit to These two countries for earning purposes.

Most of the people select the United Arab emirates because its visa is cheaper then Saudi Arabia. So, When ever you visit to Dubai you must need for emirates id card. And before Getting the Emirates id card you have to submit the application for emirates id card. After Submitting the Emirates id card application you must know about the status of your emirates id. So, This status you can check by available steps which is mention up into this article. Basically we check emirates id status for knowing about our application.

Some times United Arab Emirates put objections on Our Emirates id card Application. Which means we will not receive our identity card. So, we must have remove these objection after that we will receive our identity card into the united Arab emirates.

And these objection we will know that time when we check about emirates id status.

FAQ About Emirates id status check?

Emirates id status check is nowadays an online query process. Which is used for checking the identity card status in the United Arab Emirates. We all know that the United Arab Emirates is the best Country for future earnings. Every famous and branded organization working in the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, most common countries people also live in in the United Arab Emirates for different purposes. Today in this article we have shared the method of emirates id status check. The easy way to check emirates id status is explained in this article.
Different ways and different queries are available for emirates id check. We have explained all the quires which help you to find the current status of your identity card. However if you can’t understand any of the methods then you can also contact us through our email address Admin@emiratesidstatuscheck.com
We will repose you after receiving your query on our email address. Let’s start the process to check the emirates id status.