Emirates id status Download

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Emirates id status download means to save the copy of your identity card into your cell phone. It’s a soft copy of your identity card. So, today in this article we are going to explain all about the emirates id status download with all available methods. However, this method’s process is fully simple and few step-based. You can read all the available guidelines about it. However, if you are looking for any other related details like How to check the emirates id status then you can visit our website homepage. Where all the details are explained.

Emirates id status Download

Emirates id status download is not any harder issue for anyone. It’s a one-click or steps-based process. However many people use this process at that time when they lost their emirates id cards. So, here you can read about the process of emirates id status download. However, if you want to read about emirates id card lost then visit the given post article link.

Emirates id Download

Think about when your identity card was lost somewhere. At that time what will you do? Do not worry here the method which you use for at that time when your identity card is lost. However by this way you can use your real identity card. Let’s Start the process How you can download emirates id status.

  • First of All, you have to Open the ICA Mobile application or if you do have not have an application then download it from the play store.
  • You can easily find it in the Playstore by searching ICA UAE Smart. After that simply click to install button. As like image snapshot guidelines.
emirates id status download
  • Here you can clearly see which application you have to download. After the downloading is complete please now click to open button. When you will open this application at that time you will see this type of home screen of the ICA smart application. It shows you into the image snapshot guideline below down here.
emirates id status download 2
emirates id status download 2
  • This page is the Login details page. if you have an already login account then simply write the login details and then click on the login button. In case if you do have not the account. Then simply click on the Register Button option which is mentioned below on the Login button.
  • After clicking on the Register button you will get a new application screen page. Where you have to write your email address. Simply write down your valid email address and then click to submit button.
  • Now. An ICA link will be sent to your email address. You have to Complete other steps after clicking on the ICA link. which you receive in your email inbox. Here the snapshot is also available you can see it below down here,
emirates id status download 3
emirates id status download 3
  • It’s the Link where you have to click for further process. Simply click on this link and transfer to another ICA webpage. Where you have to click on Confirm Button. it’s a Pop-up Massage notification type where also mentions a conforming button. Simply click on this button.
  • When you will link on confirm button you will receive another question which is,
    • Do You have United Arab Emirates Identity.?
      • YES  OR NO
      • Simply Here Click on Yes Answer.
  • After that, a new tab will be open. Where you have to write your Emirates id card number and then in the second step you have to do the verification of your identity card.
  • Now in the last step here, you have to set your logging details. Please set your password and other details. After Completing this process now please open the ICA application on your Mobile.

After opening the ICA Mobile Application You will See this type of Application screen Where you have to Click on the Emirates id Option. It also shows you into the image snapshot you can see it below here.

emirates id status download 4
emirates id status download 4
  • When you will click on this option you will see a new application page. Where you have to click on the Eye icon option. After that, you can see a page. Which is look like a profile page. Here at the end, you can read an option which is to download PDF. You can also see the snapshot of this step into the image guideline.
emirates id status download 5
emirates id status download 5

NOTE: Image Blur is Due to personal Details.

  • Click on this PDF option and Done you have complete the process to Download emirates id status.

Now you can print out it and use it as an emirates identity card.

Why do you need to Download emirates id Status?

Here are the Few available points which help you to understand that why you need to download emirates id into a soft copy.

  • If you lost your emirates identity card. Then it’s the shortest and faster way to receive your identity card. This means you can download your emirates identity card.
  • After that, you can use it anywhere as your identity. However, you can also color print out and make a plastic identity card. which is the same as your previous identity card.
  • You can use this identity card anywhere you need for your verification.