emirates id status waiting for residency issue Solved

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emirates id status waiting for residency issue is one of the common errors which deals by the everyone person. Who firstly applied for an emirates id card. it’s not any complex issue. you can solve this issue with these available guidelines. However, if you are still worried about the application process then do not worry here about this article. We will explain all about it. waiting for the residency issue by the emirates id status means you have to solve firstly this problem then your application move to further steps. into this article, you will read guidelines about it. Which helps you to resolve your issue.

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emirates id status waiting for residency issue

The United Arab Emirates is one of the best countries in the world. where you can perform all the services online. Due to this online Process, many of the other country’s People faces new issues with Application. So, they can not know about to solve these problems. Now, we are going to explain all the Guidelines about it.

emirates id status waiting for residency issue Solved

Here are the major points which are the reasons for this issue. you have to clear these points then your application will be perfectly completed. Let’s start with the Guidelines about it.

  • If your Sponsor has any cause of its company then you may also receive this error. So, You have also made sure that your sponsor does not have any case on its company. means into that company in which your working.
  • Sometimes due to Unpaid Company Official payments, you may also receive this error.
  • This issue comes because your visa expired or your visa rejection. So, Firstly Make sure that your visa is valid and you have nothing any rejection on it.
  • Make Sure that you have the valid emirates id. Because emirates id is one of the major things which you have to carry into the Dubai. However, if you have any fine or payment on your id card. Then firstly clear it and then apply for further process.
  • Dubai applied some new rules to a few countries. Those country people must follow the additional documents. So, must be clear that your country name is not on that list.

NOTE: Sometimes Your Country Embassy Puts a Request for Hold of any service on individual person. Due to some reasons. So, make sure that your Personal record is Clear in your own country. If you still have this error then please visit your embassy and ask about this problem.

In this way, you can solve your problem. however, if you’re still facing any trouble. Then please comment us. However, if you are not getting an accurate answer about your problem query. Then please fully explain about it. That which type of Rejection is applied on your emirates id.

residency Renewal

Sometimes due to Residency expiring You may also face this issue. However, we all know that emirates id expiry date and residency expiry date both are the same. sometimes we applied for emirates id renewal before the residency permit expiry a few days. So, into this cause, you will also receive that objection. Here into the article heading content selection. We will explain about the Residency renewal process and requirement.

Residency Renewal Fees and Requirments

Your Sponsor means that person who invites you to Dubai must renew your visa before its expired. However, it also means the sponsor must be complete all the renewal process before residency expired. here Into the Dubai. The Offical Department related to these services Allows you to stay in Dubai for 30 Days after your Residency Expired. However, if you can not review your residency within these 30 days then you will receive this fine as per Dubai Government.

  • After the Expiring Residency First 6 Months in Dubai, you will Receive 4500 AED Fines on your Id card. Its means every day you will get a 25 AED fine.
  • When you will crosse the first 6 Months then the fine amount will be increased and in the next 6 months, you will receive 9000 AED. Which means 50 AED per day.
  • Then after the 12 months when you can not review your residency. You will receive 100 AED Fine daily on your id card.

So, It must be important that you must review your residency visa before its expired. You can review your residency with online e-services platforms. However, it’s also a simple and easy process. After the Residency Renewal then you can apply for an emirates id card reniewal.