emirates identity authority

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What is emirates identity authority?

The emirates identity authority is an independent federal body, established by Federal Decree-Law No. (2) of 2004, which conferred on it all the powers required to implement and develop the population registry and ID card program project in the United Arab Emirates.

The emirates identity authority was established on 15 Shaaban 1425 AH corresponding to September 29, 2004 AD, which based its legislation on the text of the constitution, laws, and federal decrees related to the ministries ’competencies, minister’s powers, nationality laws, passports, entry, and residence of foreigners, laws governing the registration of births and deaths, the regulation of labor relations and the decrees related to the General Authority for Information and Civil Service in the federal government To the UAE.

The founding decree stipulated that the emirates identity authority is a federal government entity that enjoys legal personality and has an independent budget and undertakes the task of registering population data and issuing identity cards so that it is entitled to:

• Recording the personal data of all residents in the country and saving them on electronic databases in coordination with the competent authorities

• Record vital population statistics data and link it with personal data

• Issuing identity cards containing the unified number, readable data, and data stored on an electronic chip to be dealt with by all parties

• Providing identification and confirmation services for individuals to federal and local government agencies and any other bodies, and determining the means to be followed in this, according to the executive regulations

• The right to request the necessary data and information that serve the objectives of the authority from the competent authorities in the state

Services of the Emirates Identity Authority

Services of the Emirates Identity Authority
Services of the Emirates Identity Authority

As mentioned earlier, the tasks of immigration and passports in addition to the tasks of residence and foreigners’ affairs have become among the powers of the Federal Authority, which are represented in:

  • Recording the personal data of all residents of the country and registering it in electronic databases in coordination with the competent authorities.
  • Issuance of national identity cards.Emirates ID Card Status
  • Identity renewal and data update.Renew the Emirates ID card
  • Inquiries about Emirates ID and application status.
  • Providing identification and verification services for individuals to the concerned authorities.
  • Determine the general policies for nationality affairs, passports, and the entry or residence of foreigners in the UAE.
  • Issuing, renewing, or withdrawing regular and temporary passports.
  • Arrest and deport foreigners and issue visas or permissions to deport foreigners in accordance with the law.
  • Determine fees related to nationality affairs, passports, entry, and residence of foreigners.

The Emirates Identity Authority provides services to individuals and institutions, and is keen to provide services for people of determination and the elderly to meet their needs, and among its most prominent services to individuals:

  • Data update request.
  • Issuance of the Emirates ID card.
  • Issuance of a passport.
  • Extract the abstract of a constraint.

Renewal of the Emirates ID for citizens

Renewing the Emirates ID card for citizens, and once it expires, is mandatory for all ages and groups, as the Emirates ID Authority provides several channels to complete its services, which are:

  • Happiness Service Centers
  • Emirates Identity Center website
  • Smart application
  • Printing offices

The Emirates Identity Authority has also set renewal service fees, as follows:

  • AED 100: Fees for issuing a card, valid for 5 years.
  • AED 200: Fees for issuing a card, valid for 10 years.
  • AED 40: a service fee.
  • AED 150: an urgent service fee.
  • AED 30: Typing Office Fee.
    Here are the total fees required to renew the ID card according to the service delivery channel:

Happiness Service Centers
o 290 AED (100 + 40 + 150): Fees for issuing a card valid for 5 years.
o 390 UAE dirhams (200 + 40 + 150): Fees for issuing a card, valid for 10 years.
Smart application / electronic form system
140 AED (100 + 40): Fees for issuing a card, valid for 5 years.
o 240 UAE dirhams (200 + 40): fees for issuing a card, valid for 10 years.
Printing offices
o 170 UAE dirhams (100 + 40 + 30): Fees for issuing a card valid for 5 years.
o 270 AED (200 + 40 + 30): Fees for issuing a card valid for 10 years.

Request for exemption from late fines

Request for exemption from late fines
Request for exemption from late fines

A fine is levied on those who are late in submitting an ID card renewal application if the delay period exceeds 30 days after its expiration date, as 20 dirhams are due for each day of delay, with a maximum of one thousand dirhams. Applying for the exemption service provided by the authority.

  • Conditions for applying for a late fine exemption
    An individual who left the country more than 3 months ago and whose ID card expired after the date of departure.
  • Everyone whose card has expired after being deported by an administrative decision or a court ruling, or whose passport is seized pending lawsuits or because of passport renewal.
  • A person with a contagious disease, a clinically incapacitated person, or a person with total or partial disability.
  • A resident whose residency has expired while he is outside the country and his ID card has also expired after the date of departure
    Category of diplomatic missions and consuls in embassies and consulates Senior citizens (70 years and over).
  • Category of persons subject to social security and their sponsored persons
    Delay caused by an error in the authority’s systems.

The Emirates Identity Authority allows inquiries about the status of the application for individuals through its official website, and through it, you can inquire about the details of renewing the Emirates ID for both citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and for expatriates residing in the country. Please visit Our Website Emiratesidstatuscheck for, such as the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (Abu Dhabi Passports), the guide of Dubai courts, details of the UAE labor law for the private sector, and many other diverse topics. For any inquiries or suggestions, please contact us through the comments space at the bottom of the page.

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