Renew the Emirates ID card

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How To Apply For Emirates ID or How to Renew the Emirates ID card and UAE residence visa online Renewing your Emirates ID card online is easy and can save you some money as well.
It is very common for companies to require you to go through the initial process of renewing the Emirates ID card (residence visa) on your own, and it is best that it takes no more than two days to complete.

Here’s what we did to renew our ID online:

How To Apply For Emirates ID
How To Apply For Emirates ID

Renewal application form.

Usually, most people use writing centers for this process. You can complete the application online in English or Arabic from your home or office. You can also use their app to apply for new IDs, renew, or exchange cards.

Emirates ID online.

Have these documents ready for reference Current Emirates ID card, original passport, visa page on your passport (the orange visa stamp on your passport), and your credit cards Keep these documents in electronic copies for download You need a scanned electronic copy of the current Emirates ID (front and back), a scan of your passport (personal and family details), and a scan of the work visa page on your passport.
If you want to change the photo on the new ID, keep electronic copies of the passport photo with a white background on hand. It is best if taken within the last 3 months.

Log in or register.

Go to the official Emirates ID services website here and register yourself as a new user. Your username is the email address you chose. You will also be asked for your UAE phone number which the OTP will be sent for verification. Then, a randomly generated password email will be sent to the registered email address.
Use this password to log into your account and don’t forget to change the password to something that you can easily remember. All you have to do is hover over the Profile tab on the right of the page and click “Edit Profile” to change the password.

Start your application For How To Apply For Emirates ID.

As you will see, you have a variety of options from new ID applications to replacing lost cards. For the purpose of this guide, we’ll only be treating the renewal. Click “Renew your ID”, and a new application (shown below) will open.

Application Tips

Enter your details carefully and ensure that your numbers, expiration dates, and name details are accurate.
The IDN is the number on your card itself, while the UID or Unified Identification Number is on your visa page in the passport. As you enter each of these numbers, spaces or hyphens will appear automatically.

The residency file number is also on your visa page. While entering this, the format in the form requires you to put a zero that isn’t in your number – like this xxx-xxxx-0-xxxxxxx. Count the numbers to make sure you are entering this correctly.
While giving your name details, if you do not have a family name, your last name will become your family name. Last name is a required field, so make sure your name appears properly.

Renew the Emirates ID
Renew the Emirates ID

You can save your app for later reference. After the first time, you click “save”, you will be given a unique application number that can be used as a reference for all your inquiries.
If you make a mistake and make it, call 600530003 immediately and let him know. They will return the app to you within 24 hours to enable updates or changes for free. Once your card is issued, the changes become more difficult and more expensive.
If you are in doubt at any time, call 600530003 and speak to a customer representative. Ensure that each required field is completed correctly.
Once submitted, the online payment gateway opens. After payment, your application is on its way to ICA (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship).


The Emirates ID fee for expatriates is 100 dirhams for each year of validity, which is usually either two or three years (free zones). At the Typing Office, you also have to pay AED 70 on top of this as a service fee.
While renewing online, you must pay the visa fee (200 dirhams for two years and 300 dirhams for three years) plus an additional 40 dirhams for the online service – so 240 dirhams or 340 dirhams are charged as applicable.


For expatriates, the next step is to visit an approved preventive medical center to take medical exams for the ID card. Remember to carry your passport, copies, current Emirates ID, copies, and the renewal application form (previously printed).
You can get a form to do this in a typing center, where you can choose a medical center near you and speed up the service (regular or urgent). It will regularly cost you 270 dirhams plus 50 dirhams for printing.
Ideally, your medical report should come within a week as an email attachment from the center.

Body procedure.

After getting your medical report, submit your application form, passport copy, Emirates ID copy, insurance card copy, medical report, and two passport photos to the HR or PRO team. Emirates Identity Authority procedures require detailed information about the sponsor as well, so it is better to do this through the company than the employee.

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